What are you writing for AcBoWriMo?

9 Nov

I am writing a complete draft of my PhD thesis (due February 2012). My thesis title is: Promoting fruit and vegetable consumption: Modelling behaviour change using the theory of planned behaviour.

It is in health psychology at the University of Sydney and is looking at increasing fruit and vegetable consumption in university students using the theory of planned behaviour (one of the major theories of behaviour currently used in health psychology).


What are you writing?


One Response to “What are you writing for AcBoWriMo?”

  1. Mathias Klang November 10, 2011 at 4:38 am #

    Guess I should have read the instructions! I wrote mine on my blog here http://www.digital-rights.net/?p=3549

    Here is the short version:
    The idea of the book is the way’s in which technological change are forcing changing attitudes to the concept of identity. In particular I will look at the ways in which regulation and protection of elements of identity are being affected by these changes. The fundamental idea is that we have previously agreed upon loosely defined and understood ideas of identity and their protection but these ideas and protections are being challenged (blown away almost) by the ways in which we use technology. The book will show the ways in which regulation fails and attempt to describe why this failure occurs. This is not really as clear as it should be but I am right now not focusing on defining the overarching idea of the whole book but building it from the bottom up with each chapter exploring different (though naturally related) changes.

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