Adding a progress bar for AcBoWriMo

1 Nov

@Hist_Geographer asked me on twitter how I added the progress bar to my blog. The answer is a little too long for twitter so I thought I’d put it here:

Basically all you need to do is go to your appearance tab on wordpress, add a ‘text’ widget and edit the widget so that it includes the following text:

<div style=”width:175px;height:15px;background:#33FFFF;border:1px solid #000000;”>
<div style=”width:3.4%;height:15px;background:#00CCCC;font-size:8px;line-height:8px;”>
</div></div> 12,38/36,000 words. 3.4% done!

When ever you want to update the progress bar you just need to adjust the width of the second div (where it currently says width:3.4%) and then change the text you want to display under the progress bar (where is says 12,38/36,000 words. 3.4% done!)

You can do this with any blogging software that lets you add a widget that allows html


2 Responses to “Adding a progress bar for AcBoWriMo”

  1. Amy November 4, 2011 at 11:43 am #

    Thanks for that html work! It would have taken me way to much time to come up with it since my skills are pretty rusty. And happy writing, too.


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